Exploring a day in Hermanus

Exploring Hermanus is one of a life time experience, you can go on a luxury boat and have a close encounter with one of the oceans’ very own big fives, what is called the southern right back whales.

The town holds an annual Whale Festival at the end of September to celebrate the calving and mating season. Many tourists have often seen them with their calves, however, one may also be lucky to see them breaching.

The town also has a good local market with beautiful hand-crafted items, homemade food such as jams, bread, cookies etc. that you can buy.

For a relatively small coastal town, Hermanus offers a plethora of dining options, you could enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea whilst seated at a cafĂ© with a good view of the town or a glass of wine at a nice local restaurant or whilst on one of the wine tours.

Exploring a day in Hermanus is a life while experience.

Enjoy your holiday tranquility with a smile and the lovely people of Hermanus.